Tuning Fork Facial

tuning fork facial Acupuncture face lifts have been around for quite some time. In pre-communist China wealthy women frequently got them, and the practice has increased in popularity as a non-surgical alternative. Using Acutonics® forks instead of needles, we can achieve the same results with an even less invasive experience; an experience which is in fact deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.

Tuning Fork Lift & Tone Facial

The Facial SoundscapesTM harmonic renewal protocol is specifically designed for each client’s constitution based on the Chinese 5 element theory. Two forks are placed on specific points on the face to lift and tone areas such as the chin, neck, jowls and eyelids. Different intervals achieve different results: lifting, toning, or dispersing. Acutonics® facials are known to increase circulation, decrease wrinkles, and stimulate collagen and cells giving an overall glow and improved skin tone. Natural aromatic tea masks, oils and a toning protein mask are included in the treatment, ending with a special cream containing pearl powder which is an ancient ingredient for eliminating age spots. Results can be seen after just three treatments; the results are cumulative and require 10-12 treatments for major improvement.

The Facial SoundscapesTM procedure is a whole body healing experience as forks are also placed on the body to stimulate meridians that correspond to the client’s constitution. There are many points on the face that correspond to internal organs and these are treated according to conditions such as puffiness or dark circles around the eyes that would indicate issues of the kidneys or liver respectively. The facial can also relax the jaw when TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome) is an issue.

To read about Facial SoundscapesTM and Changing the Face of Aging, go to www.chiakra.com.