Allergies, Illness and Immunity

January 31st, 2013

There is a connection for keeping both illness and allergies from invading our bodies. Strengthening, tonifying and balancing the immune system using acupuncture points and meridians can do wonders for not getting ill, including our reaction to allergens. This includes New Mexican pollens such as juniper, the main complaint in the spring. At the seasonal time of this blog, we are at a crossroad for succumbing to both illness and allergy.
“Allergic Rhinitis” ( hay fever) is an over reactivity of the immune system where nasal mucosa becomes swollen and obstructs drainage from sinuses, just as it does with a cold, sinusitis and some forms of flu. When the immune system is weak or imbalanced it acts inappropriately to germs and pollen and the body is in disharmony. We can do something about this!! Acutonics® treats many acupuncture points with vibrational healing, traveling deep into those points, and brings the body back into harmony. The immune system is strong again and able to keep the invaders away.
You don’t have to suffer!

Stress reduction with Acutonics for difficult times

September 15th, 2010

As our world is going through times of huge change physically, economically, socially, I see this change reflected in individuals as stress and fear both physically and emotionally. The body is affected by overload on the kidneys and adrenals. I recently learned a treatment application to address these issues, and also to help with the uncertainty of how to move forward in our lives. I have seen powerful results from giving these treatments to clients, and I have also seen results when I have been on the receiving end of them. A most recent example of this happened when I had some post traumatic symptoms after being evacuated from a fire. The “stress buster” treatment stopped some shaking and anxiety symptoms altogether and helped me move forward with what I needed to accomplish.

Treating Kids with Sound Healing

April 21st, 2010

Last week I gave acutonics treatments to 3 year old twin boys. It is so delightful how receptive children are to sound healing! They love the color of the tuning forks and listening to the different intervals. Their bodies are very sensitive to absorbing the healing sound vibrations making acutonics especially effective for them.

They get the benefits of stimulating acupuncture points without needles! And the benefits are many. The children today are over-exposed to the stimulation of the fast-paced world of electronics. No wonder there are so many problems with ADD, excitation, depression, aggression and hyperactivity, to name a few.

Acutonics helps them become more calm, centered, and focused . . . which is greatly needed in children’s lives today.

Welcome To My New Site!

March 10th, 2010

Check back here regularly for posts with information, examples and news on Acutonics® and the Tuning Fork Facial as well as general healing treatments.

Customized Mini Facial
I have added a new treatment to the facial series and have seen great results so far. The treatment is based on the client’s five element constitution from Chinese medicine. The tuning forks are first applied to meridians determined by the constitution. I then work on the face and neck targeting points that are an issue and working around the eyes. The treatment finishes with “micro-vibrasion” which acts as a wrinkle “eraser” and stimulates the cells and circulation, resulting in glowing skin. This is a great facial to have for a special occasion, but can also be done weekly or bi-monthly for a few months with maintenance after. Clients love this treatment for relaxation and results!

I am now adding Reiki into my sound healing treatments. I have found that it is a perfect accompaniment to the vibrational work that I do, as it is more of a hands on vibrational healing technique and compliments what the forks do. I can scan the body and find that Reiki helps me intuit even more than usual. The Acutonics® tuning forks often act as guides on the body to assist in location of healing, and I find that Reiki magnifies that. It is a win/win situation for both practitioner and client!