Acutonics® is a non-invasive sound healing therapy using precision calibrated tuning forks. The practice of Acutonics® is based on the ancient philosophy of the Music of the Spheres, a theory embraced by Pythagoras and Johannes Kepler, as well as other famous mathematicians and philosophers.

The forks are activated to vibrate and are placed on acupuncture points along meridians which are the body’s natural energy pathways. The sound waves are thought to travel more deeply than needles – into the bone marrow. Because the human body is almost 70% water, it is a perfect resonator of sound since sound travels 4 times faster in water.

Two of the many Acutonics® forks are combined to create different intervals of sound vibration and placed on points along the meridians. The forks are chosen according to the client’s needs. As in acupuncture, the purpose is to remove blocks in the body’s energy pathways to promote healing. The vibrations of the forks move this energy. They are able to ground, balance, expand, and release energy.

Working with the body’s natural frequencies, the harmonious experience of Acutonics® is uplifting and relaxing at the same time promoting overall health, well being and balance. Acutonics® has been known to successfully treat neurological, gastrointestinal, emotional, immunological and respiratory conditions. There are many case studies of its effectiveness in helping with hormonal issues, anxiety, stress, pain, chronic fatigue, among others. Most often individuals receive a marked improvement in metabolism and energy.

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