Allergies, Illness and Immunity

There is a connection for keeping both illness and allergies from invading our bodies. Strengthening, tonifying and balancing the immune system using acupuncture points and meridians can do wonders for not getting ill, including our reaction to allergens. This includes New Mexican pollens such as juniper, the main complaint in the spring. At the seasonal time of this blog, we are at a crossroad for succumbing to both illness and allergy.
“Allergic Rhinitis” ( hay fever) is an over reactivity of the immune system where nasal mucosa becomes swollen and obstructs drainage from sinuses, just as it does with a cold, sinusitis and some forms of flu. When the immune system is weak or imbalanced it acts inappropriately to germs and pollen and the body is in disharmony. We can do something about this!! AcutonicsĀ® treats many acupuncture points with vibrational healing, traveling deep into those points, and brings the body back into harmony. The immune system is strong again and able to keep the invaders away.
You don’t have to suffer!

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